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Thursday, May 05, 2005

McCain Feingold Insurrection

Once again the Federal Government has bypasses the US Constitution in favor of its own self interest. The arrogant Federal Election Commission has asserted its right to regulate political speach. They seem to think that they can regulate political speach on the internet. This blog is a proud member of the McCain-Feingold Insurrection, a collection of Bloggers that reject the notion of the FEC controlling political speech. Those on the right and left need to join together on this one.

Here is the Instapundit link to more information.

Here is the link to theMcCain-Feingold Insurrection Blog.

The Online Coalition has posted some interesting hypotheses regarding the proposed FEC regulations:

1. We know the FEC has indicated a willingness to include websites like and under the "media exemption." What criteria did the FEC use to come to this conclusion?

2. The FEC still seems confused with what they should do with compensated bloggers, such as those that accept advertising in the form of blogads. We will likely fight to have compensated bloggers follow in the path of and in getting the media exemption.

3. What should become of bloggers who accept money from campaigns and organizations? Should these contributions be illegal or merely held to stricter reporting guidelines?

4. How do we educate uncompensated bloggers about their rights and when and where they can and cannot legally blog. The FEC seems intent on making blogging from work a virtual no-no. We'll likely comment on the fact that controlling where someone can or cannot blog is unenforceable and unnecessary.

By credentialing certain sources, like slate, they bias the coverage of an election. There are too many things wrong with making media political coverage a political appointment by an unelected body like the FEC that answers to nobody.

The Online Coalition mentioned a 60 day period where comments will be allowed for submission. Check out their website and send a comment to the FEC.

John McCain will never get my vote for President.


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