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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Anne Morse - why do I know that name?

Oh yeah, she was the Wall Street Journal reporter who witnessed the odd behavior of the 14 Syrian musicians on a Northwest Airlines flight last July. She has written a book called "Terror in the Skies, Why 9/11 Could Happen Again". National Review Online has an article about her story and her book today.

I had dismissed this as some sort of evil plot because the musicians were doing a show at a local Indian casino. The article's description of their actions and that of the investigative authorities was enough to second guess the motives of these "peaceful" musicians. The part that I find troubling is the bumbling, lying, and deceit of the Federal Air Marshals Service (FAMS). They claimed to have investigated all of the people in the group. Morse claims that only two were interviewed and that 13 of the 14 were here on expired visas. One would think that after 9/11, stories like this would only be part of a bad movie. Read the whole article or the book.


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