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Monday, May 09, 2005

From LGF regarding this article from Freedom House.

Mainstream media took a quick look at the study, yawned, then decided their time was best spent chasing runaway brides. Not one newspaper or TV station tried to follow up the Freedom House report with further investigations. The topic of an Islamic fifth column, spreading hate propaganda in the US, is not even on the media’s radar.

I will never understand how the press can mask their disdain of America with political correctness and sympathy for our enemies. PBS, at least, has broadcast several shows on the spread of Islamic fundamentalists. Maybe I'm the silly one here. Isn't the propaganda of our enemies on our homesoil more important than a flaky bride that did her fiance a huge favor by revealing her mental instability before the wedding? I don't know if the fifth column is the Wahabi's or the media that shield them. I'm beginning to believe the latter.


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