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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lanber Over Under Shotguns

I joined my local Skeet and Trap club last year. It was a great decision for me. I've met some really nice people and learned a new skill. I have a pretty nice Berretta Urika 391 but was at a disadvantage to the guys with over/unders. After a little shopping, I went in to America Shooting Center and noticed the Lanbers. They were sitting next to the 3 to 4 thousand dollar shotguns. The low end Lanber was around $350 and the high end was less than $700. I looked at one of them and it was beautiful. The wood was very nice and the fit with the metal was excellent. Lanber has been a beginners shotgun in Europe for years.

I've seen 15 and 20 thousand dollar shotguns at the club. I've also seen guys with cheap pump shotguns outshoot everyone in the field. In other words, the cost of the gun is not going to help you if you can't shoot. I ended up buying the 2088 in 12 gauge. It's been excellent. There have been no misfires and the fit and finish is excellent. The only downside is the chokes. It's not easy to find replacements right now. There is supposedly an aftermarket replacement but I haven't found it yet. If you're looking for a nice over/under and don't want to spend an arm and a leg, check it out.


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