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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Smallest Minority Strikes Again

Kevin Baker roasts another reflexive gun bigot in this post "And There Will Be Chocolate Rivers, and Fluffy Bunnies..." Kevin Fagan, of the San Fransisco Chronicle, wrote an article expounding on his utopian belief that a world without firearms is a better world. Kevin Baker gives him a good fisking.

The thing that bugs me about Fagan's article is that the author has used firearms multiple times to defend himself. One comes away after reading it asking whether he is still a gun owner. I ask the question of the author, if someone threatened your life again, would you purchase another firearm to defend your life? If the answer is yes, then he needs to understand that he is a fine example of a hypocrite. If the answer is no, then I ask, why is his life worth less now than before?

Mr Fagan makes the mistake also of giving an inanimate object lifelike qualities. There are countless webcams of guns on the web. None, to my knowledge has ever left the camera of its own volition and committed a crime. The only time a gun is dangerous is when a person of ill intent is in control of it. These type of people, criminals for the reality challenged, don't pay attention to gun laws anyway. It also includes people who don't know the four rules of firearms. They are not toys. I feel bad for his friends and family hurt by the casual dismissal of these unbendable laws that must apply when you take a firearm into your hands. Guns are not evil, malicious or mean, people are.

Read Kevin's post and send a letter to the hypocrite Kevin Fagan.


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