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Monday, November 07, 2005

California Special Election

Here are my votes for the special election tomorrow in San Diego.

Mayor: Jerry Sanders - Former San Diego Police Chief, Former Head of the Red Cross and United Way. Mr Sanders turned the Red Cross in San Diego from a spurned and disdained agency into one that is trusted by the citizens of this city. He also won the debate against Donna Frye last night.

Prop 73: Yes. My daughter should have to notify me if she wants an abortion. A doctor needs my permission to give her cold medicine. A surgical procedure should need the same permission.

Prop 74: Yes. Expanding tenure probation from 2 years to 5 years is a small part of the reforms that our school system needs.

Prop 75: Yes.

Prop 76: Yes. This one also does not go far enough.

Prop 77: Yes. I'm a little nervous about this one but the gerrymandering done in the past is criminal.

Prop 78: No.

Prop 79: No.

Prop 80: Absolutely not.

See you at the ballot box.


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