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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sushi is Bad for Turtles? Not my Toro

The recent study proclaiming harmful levels of mercury in sushi is financed by a conservancy for sea turtles. What? What do sea turtles have to do with sushi, specfically tuna? Roger Simon, one of my favorite bloggers, has a few posts on this. As usual, there is some good information from Roger. He posted a link that points out their agenda.

Apparently, long liners are the culprit here. They are snagging both sea turtles and tuna. I'm not a fan of long line fishing. As soon as they were pushed out from the California coast, "rare" species such as Halibut and Yellowtail started flourishing. The by-catch is horrific. I am a recreational fisherman in the ocean off of San Diego and Mexico. I know how destructive this type of fishing. Most of the long liners in the Pacific are asian.

I'm also a scientist though. Until there is data from an organization that doesn't have such a huge agenda, I'm skeptical. Otoro sushi statsu Kudasai.


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