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Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweek or is it Newsweak?

What an awful farce. I'm not a journalist but that doesn't really matter in this case. I don't need to be a gastrointerologist to recognize the product of a healthy bowel. I see both in the way that Newsweek has tried to make a buck and please its audience of American Leftists and European Elites. In case you have been in a box for the last week, Newsweek published a story that alledges American interrogation techniques that include the flushing of a koran down a toilet. The story was picked up in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where rioters have killed between 14 and 2o people depending on the source you choose. Various news agencies have now been reporting that the story is false. Some report that the source Newsweak used was mistaken and that he could not be sure that what he had told the magazine was true or not. Sounds like someone screwed up.

Given the history in that part of the world, Newsweak had to know that this story would have the same affect as lighting a match in a pool of gasoline.

Here is a link to Newsweak's apology (not a retraction).

Austin Bay has a good post.

SMASH as usual, does too.

I'm not a journalist but I do post my sources.


Aparently, Newsweak has retracted the story.


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