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Friday, June 17, 2005

Froggy has another excellent post. This one speaks of the aid and comfort that our politicians and press give to our enemies. Read it.

This is something that our enemies, aided by treasonous politicians and a willing media, have had great success recently. There is no scenario under which islamofascists can actually invade the US, or even conduct sustained offensive operations on our soil. Eventually we would roll them all up or they would kill themselves in possibly a spectacular (perhaps even nuclear) attack, and that would be about the most they could do. Which is not to say that this is an acceptable outcome, but nevertheless, there is no victory on their horizon under any reasonable standard.

That we give them (the Senators or our enemies?) any respect at all is crass. The people at Guantanimo were caught bearing arms against our Marines, Soldiers and Sailors. Some of the people that have been released have been re-captured or killed doing the same thing. They should be treated like the animals that they are.

I can't serve my country because of my age. What I can do is tell every Marine, Soldier and Sailor that I've got your back. I can treat them with the respect that they deserve. I can call assholes like Senator Dick Turbin on the carpet everytime they open their mouth to slime our military. I can ask the citizens of Illinois what they were thinking when they elected this bag of meat. The only thing good that can come out this is that the stripes of the tiger that is the democratic party are clear for all to see. Cowardice, avarice and greed.


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