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Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Ideas?

Roger L Simon has a great post on the fall of the Democratic party. In my mind he talks about the ideals, or lack of, that typify the Democratic leadership and intellectuals. Read the whole thing.

I was reminded of this last night while watching one of the dems best and brightest, David Corn, on the Neil Cavuto Show. The subject was Iraq and the media. Corn, clearly a smart guy and an excellent writer, had nothing of interest to say. He seemed like a sad sack trapped in a hole of someone else's making. What a position for a "liberal" to be in - hoping to be vindicated by the failure of democracy in Iraq (and the consequent success of psychotic religious misogynists and homophobes!). Corn denied this, of course, but where else is he and the Democratic Party?

He finishes.
Back in the day, this is the man who told us "It's the economy, stupid." Well, James, time's have changed. Nowadays "It's the values, stupid."

It's the economy too but the Democrats lack of values, direction and conviction are creating a sucking chestwound for their elective health. They are not part of Team America as long as they're apologists and defeatists. There's some bad people out there and nobody trusts the Democrats to protect us and get the job done.


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