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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Occupying Army?

Fjordman has a guest post over at the Gates of Vienna on the actions of Sweden and Europe's muslim minority. It's an excellent post and a wake up to me given the demonstrations that we observed over the weekend in many major Amercian cities by the pro-illegal camp. I have worked in the restaurant industry in Southern California and talked to my share of immigrants. The number espousing the philosophy of Aztlan was surprising. This probably deserves a post by itself.

Back to Fjordman's post. He talks about the disintigration of the Swedish society due to the war on Swedes by their muslim immigrants. Rape, robbery, and bombings are the acts of an invading army. These acts are being perpetrated by the muslim minority for the most part. The basis for his post is a Sociology thesis written by Petra Ã…kesson. One of the conclusions that I made from the article is that war is indeed being waged against the Swedes. I would bet that most of them do not know it yet. As long as things are kept in Malmo, the majority of them would ignore what is happening. Kind of like the immigration problems here. As long as things are kept to the Southwest of the US, the majority of the country won't pay attention to the problem.

These events are not just in Malmo though. The riots in France, the bombings in Britain and Spain, and the current crime spree in Sweden seem to be the opening salvo of a war on the European continent. I don't think that Europe is prepared to defend itself. Like most of Europe, Swedes aren't allowed to arm themselves (if Diane Feinstein has her way, Americans won't be able to either). Defending oneself against a gang of people intent on hurting you or stealing from you is no job for the timid. Ultimately, the Swedes will need to do just that. It's obvious that their law enforcement personnel cannot help them. They can't lock up all of the children of Jihad.

Europe will have their hands full. We also have our hands full. I wouldn't trade their immigration problem with ours for anything but if we don't get our act together, it won't matter. When 500,000 people with Mexican flags march in downtown Los Angeles over US policy, you have to wonder whether we've already sold ourselves out.

Read Fjordman's post. It's a good read and worthy of some thought in regard to our situation here at home and to the future of our European brothers.


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