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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Great National Review Article

Leo Banks has an article in today's National Review Online on the current situation on a ranch south of Tucson, Arizona. On quote in particular caught my eye.
We did that with the Boston Tea Party, she says. We were taxed without representation and we rose up and changed it. I think the students in the streets and these young ACLU individuals here are being used. When you talk to them you realize it's all emotion. There's no logic. They don't have a clue.
She is Pat King and she owns a ranch 40 miles north of the border. Her ranch is on the front line of the illegal immigration debate. She's talking about the ACLU "volunteers"/useful idiots that show up at Minuteman stations and honk their horns and flash their lights of their cars when the border patrol shows up to enforce our immigration laws.

I had a similar experience with a family member the other day. My wife's cousin was telling me how he would have liked to take May 1 off with the thousands of latinos on the "Day Without Illegals". I asked him why and he said, "solidarity". I asked him what he would have solidarity with and he replied "workers". He was against big business. This is a guy who works in the Pharmaceutical industry. Big business? Pat King is right, it's emotion and no logic. This debate is about sovereignty, not big business or workers.


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