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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Posts

There are a couple of posts going around worth following. The first comes from SMASH. He has some links following the rantings of a man claiming to be a former Green Beret and Ranger in Iraq. His story is similar to John "I voted before it before I voted against it" Kerry except that Kerry was in Vietnam or Cambodia (He was almost President?). Anyway, the guy claims to have killed over 200 people on mid-night "Ranger" raids. His story is bunk and he's being exposed for the loser that he is. Check out Michelle Malkin's Vent too. The internet is a wonderful thing for vetting such pretenders. The dismantling of his story is a thing of beauty.

The other comes from Geekwitha.45. He links with an excellent article from a paper in Illinois de-bunking the assualt rifle easily converts to a machine gun myth.



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