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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

An Anti Gets Spanked

I'm doing some research on the FN FiveseveN for a possible purchase (yes, Californians can buy them). During this research I came upon a blog from a guy in Australia with a post about this pistol. The comments were on topic for the first few when a person named "Randy" spoke up in defense of the Brady campain and lamenting the Assualt Weapon Ban of 1994. The response to her was priceless as was her defense of her viewpoint. She is a true believer and touted every de-bunked statistic that most firearms owners are familiar with. Here is the first quote from Randy to give you an idea:

You're welcome, Five-SeveN owner. Glad Brady could be of service to the
families of America and refute the false claims of the NRA about the FiveSeveN.
It never ceases to bemuse me how a gun nut will stop at nothing to get his hands
on anything that shoots a live round, regardless of how many children have to
die due to careless gun-loving adults. You should take a hard look at your
organizations and how the gun manufacturers market to you. You're all so busy
buying and shooting your arsenals you fail to see how many of your children are
being injured and killed by your own guns.

If you had half a brain you would take a look at the geographical distribution of gun injury and death of kids ages 0-19 in the US. Ironic how the areas with the highest levels of gun
ownership are also the areas with the highest number of kids being killed and
injured by Daddy and Mommy's guns. You're great parents. You should thank the
NRA for brainwashing you all to such a degree that you place the value of your
guns over the lives of your children. I feel sorry for the kids of parents like
you. When your children are injured or killed by your guns, I hope you'll thank
the NRA.

Hard to read, isnt' it? She wasnt' interested in seeing the Center for Disease Control statistics regarding her assertions. I believe her response would be that the CDC is in the pocket of the NRA. Anyway, go read the rest. She gets spanked but doesn't know it. I'd like to see Kevin Baker have a go at her.

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