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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"I, A Muslim" Video Link

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has the video of the recent Czech documentary, I, A Muslim. It's an interesting look at Islam in a country that as they say in the film, "does not have a problem, yet". The content is about a young man who infiltrates a mosque in the Czech Republic. While there are no overt jihadists in the video, the "librarian", who is seen presenting jihadist viewpoints on video. For example, one video shows an imam rationalizing the role of the suicide bomber in Islam and how it is not wrong but ones duty. I wonder how many librarians we have here in California like that.

He's Back!

In From the Cold has four new posts today. They are all pretty good. His analysis of the recent Israeli/hezbolla conflict is a must read. Here is a sample of the second article:

As Israeli troops begin their withdrawal from southern Lebanon, the second-guessing and finger-pointing are well underway. Speaking before the Knesset on the eve of the cease-fire, former PM Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a stinging rebuke of the Israeli war effort, and the leadership of the current Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. Israel’s former UN Ambassador, Dore Gold, told a U.S. radio audience on Monday that an official Commission of Inquiry will be appointed to review war planning and execution.

Clearly, such criticism and investigations are warranted. As we noted yesterday, Mr. Olmert literally snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Less than 48 hours after announcing expanded IDF ground operations in Lebanon—and a planned march to the Latani River—Mr. Olmert meekly accepted a cease-fire brokered by the U.S. and France. From the Israeli perspective, that deal should have been rejected as untenable; Mr. Olmert has entrusted his nation’s security (or at a minimum, the security of northern Israel) to an “enhanced” U.N. peacekeeping force that, like its predecessor, seems unlikely to take on Hizballah, as first step toward securing south Lebanon. In fact, if recent history is any indicator, it’s probably just a matter of time before reconstituted terrorist units set up shop outside peacekeeper camps, with the Hizaballah flag fluttering alongside the U.N. banner. .

Go check it out.

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