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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In From the Cold

There's another blog from a former intelligence officer in the blogosphere. It's called "In From the Cold" and it's excellent. I'm always looking for the professional perspective on the politics and intelligence of the GWOT. Stratfor is another excellent source, albeit expensive, for sound intelligence on the GWOT. Check out the former spook at In From the Cold.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1000 Visits and 61 Posts

Well, I got my 1000th visitor a week ago. It took longer than I thought but for a guy who posts once every so often, it's not bad. Most of the people that come by are from search engines. The one that I've seen the most is for Lanber shotguns. I still love mine. I've taken it waterfowl hunting and use it for trap and skeet.

I plan on posting more. If you haven't done so, donate to Mad Mikey. He is not doing well and his wife can use the help. If you don't like paypal, send a card or check to:

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Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Smallest Minority Strikes Again

Kevin Baker roasts another reflexive gun bigot in this post "And There Will Be Chocolate Rivers, and Fluffy Bunnies..." Kevin Fagan, of the San Fransisco Chronicle, wrote an article expounding on his utopian belief that a world without firearms is a better world. Kevin Baker gives him a good fisking.

The thing that bugs me about Fagan's article is that the author has used firearms multiple times to defend himself. One comes away after reading it asking whether he is still a gun owner. I ask the question of the author, if someone threatened your life again, would you purchase another firearm to defend your life? If the answer is yes, then he needs to understand that he is a fine example of a hypocrite. If the answer is no, then I ask, why is his life worth less now than before?

Mr Fagan makes the mistake also of giving an inanimate object lifelike qualities. There are countless webcams of guns on the web. None, to my knowledge has ever left the camera of its own volition and committed a crime. The only time a gun is dangerous is when a person of ill intent is in control of it. These type of people, criminals for the reality challenged, don't pay attention to gun laws anyway. It also includes people who don't know the four rules of firearms. They are not toys. I feel bad for his friends and family hurt by the casual dismissal of these unbendable laws that must apply when you take a firearm into your hands. Guns are not evil, malicious or mean, people are.

Read Kevin's post and send a letter to the hypocrite Kevin Fagan.

Monday, January 09, 2006


This letter from Ken Stethem to President George W Bush is a must read. Ken Stethem is the brother of Robert Stethem, US Navy Diver, who was killed during the hijacking of TWA flight 847. His killer Muhammed Ali Hammadi was recently released from Germany in exchange for German held by terrorists in Iraq. The letter is a powerful reminder of the real meaning of courage and duty and asks important questions of our President. I hope that Hammadi is looking over his shoulder. From NRO.

Date: January 8, 2006 4:15:57 PM PST

Mr. President,

I would like to provide you with an explanation as to why Muhammed Ali
Hammadi's recent release by Germany, and your Administration's lack of any
attempt to prevent it, is so upsetting to our family and to Americans
everywhere. I am not writing you out of grief or anger but out of a hope that
his example will inspire you to follow act on your own words and the dictates of
your conscious in this War on Terror.

Robert Dean Stethem was singled out, beaten beyond recognition and tortured
in order to make him scream into a transmitter (so that the tower would send a
fuel truck). Not a cry was heard to come from him, despite the brutal beating he
endured. Instead he chose to remain silent and endure the beatings because he
knew that the only way a rescue attempt could be conducted by U.S. forces was if
the aircraft remained on the ground.

After Robert was beaten and tortured and bleeding from puncture wounds all
over his body, he was placed next to a 16-year old Australian girl. As bad as
Robert was beaten, he had the courage and strength to comfort and console her.
He told her that, "She would be okay and that she would get out of here alive."
When she tried to return the comfort, he said, "No, I don't think so. I am the
only one in my group that is not married and some of the guys have children,
too." Some time later, Robert was again taken up to the cockpit and tortured in
order to get the fuel. But it didn't work, he would not give in to them.

One of the hijackers, Muhammed Ali Hammadi, was so enraged that he dragged
Robert to the door, pulled a trigger and shot Robert in the head. Then he dumped
Robert's body onto the tarmac. While Robert was being dragged to the door, he
knew that all he had to do in order to live was to cry into that transmitter,
but he wouldn't do it. He would not give in to the demands of the terrorists. He
would not allow the honor and dignity of America to be intimidated by the fear
and pain that Hammadi and terrorists everywhere represent. Robert sacrificed his
life in order to protect our liberty and defend our way of life.

You have rightly said, "Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring
justice to our enemies, justice will be done." You have truly said that "We are
in a fight for our principles, and our first responsibility is to live by them."
Robert lived by them. Robert also died by them. The motto of the USS SSTETHEM (DDG-63), named
in Robert's honor, is "Steadfast and Courageous." I hope that his example, and
the example of other heroes like him can inspire you to understand why allowing
Germany to release Hammadi was a wrong. Justice was not done, Robert was not
honored and Americans are not safer by allowing Hammadi to return to Lebanon and
Hezbollah. You know this, we know this and the American people know this.

The Stethem family

Sunday, January 08, 2006

SMASH One of the Good Guys

SMASH attended a rally in San Diego that was called "Out of Iraq". His post about the event is excellent. It sounds like local Congresscritter Bob Filner was not expecting SMASH's question. The crowd of anti-war constituents did not like or appreciate his question either. Thanks SMASH. Guys like Filner need to be held accountable for thier views. How he gets elected every two years is a puzzle. I'm donating to his opponent next year.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Too much (80's) information

Ok. I admit it. I played in bands that did 80's songs. I even listened to too much 80's music. Who can not like a band that had a name like "the Psychedelic Furs"? Check it out and see how you do... I am recovering though.

You Scored 80% Correct

You are an 80s expert

You never confuse New Order with the Pet Shop Boys

You know which classical musician Falco rocked

When it comes to 80s music, you Just Can't Get Enough!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Good Quote

From theothersideofkim regarding the attitude that a certain reporter for the MSM had about the blogosphere.

I bet the Catholic Church thought the same about the Bible being printed in the vernacular, rather than just Latin: everyone could form their own opinion without having the message first interpreted and massaged by the priesthood.

Yep. Sounds about right to me.

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