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Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Ideas?

Roger L Simon has a great post on the fall of the Democratic party. In my mind he talks about the ideals, or lack of, that typify the Democratic leadership and intellectuals. Read the whole thing.

I was reminded of this last night while watching one of the dems best and brightest, David Corn, on the Neil Cavuto Show. The subject was Iraq and the media. Corn, clearly a smart guy and an excellent writer, had nothing of interest to say. He seemed like a sad sack trapped in a hole of someone else's making. What a position for a "liberal" to be in - hoping to be vindicated by the failure of democracy in Iraq (and the consequent success of psychotic religious misogynists and homophobes!). Corn denied this, of course, but where else is he and the Democratic Party?

He finishes.
Back in the day, this is the man who told us "It's the economy, stupid." Well, James, time's have changed. Nowadays "It's the values, stupid."

It's the economy too but the Democrats lack of values, direction and conviction are creating a sucking chestwound for their elective health. They are not part of Team America as long as they're apologists and defeatists. There's some bad people out there and nobody trusts the Democrats to protect us and get the job done.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

San Diego's Homegrown ELF?

SMASH has a local story that has been on my mind since it happened. A huge condominium project in University City was torched in an arson attack on August 1st of 2003. It was perpetrated by the eccoterrorist group ELF (the Earth Liberation Front). As SMASH reported, a man named Rodney Coronado, gave what looks like a how to lecture on arson the night of the fire. The FBI has subpeoned some of the people that attended. If the suspects are convicted, I hope they get the maximum penalty. ELF's local activities were getting very bold up until the August 1st fire. I believe arson is one of the only crimes in California that we can use deadly force with out having to justify our own lives being in danger.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Supreme Court this Week or What have those crazy justices done now?

Kevin's "The Smallest Minority" has an excellent take on the supreme court's travesty decision this week. Kevin's been following this case for a while now.

My own opinion is that this is one more piece of evidence that the courts in this country do not read the document that they've been sworn to uphold. I think that gun owners in this country are crazy to let any meaningful decision get in front of this group of morons. Maybe the NRA does know what it's doing.

It's time for a constitutional ammendment regarding the sanity and ability to read the Constitution by any prospective justice. This recent opinion is a road to tyranny and flys in the face of what this Republic was founded.

Monday, June 20, 2005

My poor dog. I turn my back for 1 minute...

Finally a 1911!

My New Kimber Custom II

Well, I finally broke down and bought a 1911 .45 ACP. I've shot several with mixed results. The one that I had the worst luck with was a Kimber. The one I shot had multiple bells and whistles that don't belong there IMHO. My new one is bare bones. I am in the club now...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Froggy has another excellent post. This one speaks of the aid and comfort that our politicians and press give to our enemies. Read it.

This is something that our enemies, aided by treasonous politicians and a willing media, have had great success recently. There is no scenario under which islamofascists can actually invade the US, or even conduct sustained offensive operations on our soil. Eventually we would roll them all up or they would kill themselves in possibly a spectacular (perhaps even nuclear) attack, and that would be about the most they could do. Which is not to say that this is an acceptable outcome, but nevertheless, there is no victory on their horizon under any reasonable standard.

That we give them (the Senators or our enemies?) any respect at all is crass. The people at Guantanimo were caught bearing arms against our Marines, Soldiers and Sailors. Some of the people that have been released have been re-captured or killed doing the same thing. They should be treated like the animals that they are.

I can't serve my country because of my age. What I can do is tell every Marine, Soldier and Sailor that I've got your back. I can treat them with the respect that they deserve. I can call assholes like Senator Dick Turbin on the carpet everytime they open their mouth to slime our military. I can ask the citizens of Illinois what they were thinking when they elected this bag of meat. The only thing good that can come out this is that the stripes of the tiger that is the democratic party are clear for all to see. Cowardice, avarice and greed.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Constitutional Originalism

I called this blog Rules for Rulers in deference to the US Constitution. The Constitution is a document that I believe contains the rules for our rulers and government. It's an unfortunate comparison though. I don't believe that our government was ever meant to rule. As citizens, I think that it is our duty to serve.

Unfortunately, our Supreme Court has granted itself and the federal government almost limitless reach into our lives. Stuart Buck at The Buck Stops Here has an excellent post on Originalism. That is, interpreting the Constitution based on its original meaning. He makes some excellent points. Read it if you have time.

1. One of the common objections to originalism is that it's too hard. All of these overworked judges and Justices don't have the time or expertise to do real historical research into the original meaning of a constitutional provision.1 It is usually liberals who make this charge. While I don't have any specific person in mind, it is curious that the latest liberal cause du jour has been to urge judges to consider the opinions of foreign courts. How are judges supposed to be capable of accomplishing that task? If a judge, despite American legal training, finds it too difficult to understand the history and context of the American Constitution, how likely is it that the judge will be capable of understanding all that is relevant about decisions written in another language and in a completely different context?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Tested my IQ

Sorry I asked. Sshhh. Nobody tell about the logic part, my employer would be surprised.

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Above Average
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your General Knowledge is Exceptional

Friday, June 10, 2005

What kind of plane are you?

Wow! I'm an F-15. I'll bet if I didn't like to be loud (guitar players are inherently loud), I'd be an F-22.

What military aircraft are you?

F-15 Eagle

You are an F-15. Your record in combat is spotless; you've never been defeated. You possess good looks, but are not flashy about it. You prefer to let your reputation do the talking. You are fast, agile, and loud, but reaching the end of your stardom.

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