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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Froggy's Rant

Froggy Ruminations has an excellent rant on the treatment that the US military gets at the hands of the MSM. I can't say it as well as he did. Check it out. Here's a small part of his post.


What did our troops do to the left and the MSM to deserve this treatment? Was it
putting aside their families and careers in order to serve something larger than
themselves? Was it cheering when the President of the United States declared
unequivocally that terrorist were no longer going to murder Americans with
impunity? Was it for having the spine to stand up for noble purposes like
maintaining the security of our Nation and securing freedom for the oppressed?
It was all of these things.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweek or is it Newsweak?

What an awful farce. I'm not a journalist but that doesn't really matter in this case. I don't need to be a gastrointerologist to recognize the product of a healthy bowel. I see both in the way that Newsweek has tried to make a buck and please its audience of American Leftists and European Elites. In case you have been in a box for the last week, Newsweek published a story that alledges American interrogation techniques that include the flushing of a koran down a toilet. The story was picked up in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where rioters have killed between 14 and 2o people depending on the source you choose. Various news agencies have now been reporting that the story is false. Some report that the source Newsweak used was mistaken and that he could not be sure that what he had told the magazine was true or not. Sounds like someone screwed up.

Given the history in that part of the world, Newsweak had to know that this story would have the same affect as lighting a match in a pool of gasoline.

Here is a link to Newsweak's apology (not a retraction).

Austin Bay has a good post.

SMASH as usual, does too.

I'm not a journalist but I do post my sources.


Aparently, Newsweak has retracted the story.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pablo's Courtmartial

Pablo Paredes, the deserter, will go on trial today. As documented by SMASH, Pablo refused to board his ship when it deployed last year. After several left wing love fests, Pablo turned himself in and was eventually charged with Absence Without Leave (AWOL) and Missing Movement. The best part of it is that the Bonhomme-Richard ended up going to support relief efforts for the December 26 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Today, the chickens come home to roost, preferably on Pablo's head. I personally feel that Pablo's actions are despicable. He is not worth the time involved. Perhaps the Navy can put him on a ship and accidently lose him somewhere in the Pacific. This is another example of the Left's love for anything that degrades the military or reflects poorly on President George W. Bush.

Monday, May 09, 2005

From LGF regarding this article from Freedom House.

Mainstream media took a quick look at the study, yawned, then decided their time was best spent chasing runaway brides. Not one newspaper or TV station tried to follow up the Freedom House report with further investigations. The topic of an Islamic fifth column, spreading hate propaganda in the US, is not even on the media’s radar.

I will never understand how the press can mask their disdain of America with political correctness and sympathy for our enemies. PBS, at least, has broadcast several shows on the spread of Islamic fundamentalists. Maybe I'm the silly one here. Isn't the propaganda of our enemies on our homesoil more important than a flaky bride that did her fiance a huge favor by revealing her mental instability before the wedding? I don't know if the fifth column is the Wahabi's or the media that shield them. I'm beginning to believe the latter.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

To my wife, Mom, sisters, Grandmother, Aunts, and friends, Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Another from Michael Yon's blog. After a raid on a suspected smuggler, the officer in charge was asked why he thought the men were lying when asked the location of the raid's target. His response was classic. Read it for yourself.

Back at base, I asked Lieutenant Pettee why he was certain that Ali Jani was nearby, and why he thought the men were lying. Lieutenant Pettee looked me square and said, "I'm an elementary school principal."

Great Men

Blackfive has posted a link to an interview with Michael Yon, an embedded blogger with our forces in Iraq. LTC Kurilla, has a few words to say. If you don't know who LTC Kurilla is, read Michael Yon's blog and learn about one of our great men in Iraq fighting for our freedom and that of the Iraqi people.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

McCain Feingold Insurrection

Once again the Federal Government has bypasses the US Constitution in favor of its own self interest. The arrogant Federal Election Commission has asserted its right to regulate political speach. They seem to think that they can regulate political speach on the internet. This blog is a proud member of the McCain-Feingold Insurrection, a collection of Bloggers that reject the notion of the FEC controlling political speech. Those on the right and left need to join together on this one.

Here is the Instapundit link to more information.

Here is the link to theMcCain-Feingold Insurrection Blog.

The Online Coalition has posted some interesting hypotheses regarding the proposed FEC regulations:

1. We know the FEC has indicated a willingness to include websites like and under the "media exemption." What criteria did the FEC use to come to this conclusion?

2. The FEC still seems confused with what they should do with compensated bloggers, such as those that accept advertising in the form of blogads. We will likely fight to have compensated bloggers follow in the path of and in getting the media exemption.

3. What should become of bloggers who accept money from campaigns and organizations? Should these contributions be illegal or merely held to stricter reporting guidelines?

4. How do we educate uncompensated bloggers about their rights and when and where they can and cannot legally blog. The FEC seems intent on making blogging from work a virtual no-no. We'll likely comment on the fact that controlling where someone can or cannot blog is unenforceable and unnecessary.

By credentialing certain sources, like slate, they bias the coverage of an election. There are too many things wrong with making media political coverage a political appointment by an unelected body like the FEC that answers to nobody.

The Online Coalition mentioned a 60 day period where comments will be allowed for submission. Check out their website and send a comment to the FEC.

John McCain will never get my vote for President.

Birth of a Blog

I've wanted to do this for some time now. I've been reading DaGoddess and Citizen SMASH for over a year now and find that I really respect the time and effort it takes to write. They are excellent bloggers. In addition, I read Roger L Simon, Kim du Toit, the Musings of a GeekWithA.45. I plan on writing political commentary, some historical research, and laws as they pertain to the 2nd ammendment. Hopefully, I'll grow to be a decent writer like those that I read every day. Thanks for reading.

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