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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld

This is an amazing video of one of the best guitarist, Jeff Beck, and a new to me talent, Tal Wilkenfeld. She is just amazing on bass. Her album is pretty good too. Check her out on myspace. Check out this Jeff Beck classic from the Crossroads festival.

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Mark Steyn on McCain

NRO has a great little snippet from Mark Steyn. I especially liked this part:

As for his line about "some greedy people on Wall Street who need to be punished", aside from being almost entirely irrelevant to the subject under discussion (the subprime "crisis"), it reveals, I think, one of the most unpleasant aspects of McCain. For a so-called "maverick", he's very comfortable with the application of Big Government power, and the assumption of Big Government virtue. Undoubtedly there are "greedy people on Wall Street". Why should he and his chums be the ones who decide whether they need to be "punished"? If greed is to be punishable, why doesn't he start with a pilot program applied to, say, the United States Senate and report back to us in five years how that's going?

The wolves are guarding the hen house...

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